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Fellowship and future

Vegetarianism and a compassionate way of living is one of life's basic rules which an enquiring and righteous mind should be led to unaided. As pious and deep thinking as most church members may be, I can only think that the formation of the Society of "Fellowship of Life" (as written about in the November Vegetarian letters by Margaret E. Lawson) will help awaken them to their contradictory ways of living. The Fellowship of Life would have closer ties and be more sympathetically listened to by religious bodies than the Vegetarian Society, whose views on religion and vegetarianism may be thought too biased.

A flourishing example of such a religious linked society is the Jewish Vegetarian and Natural Health Society. They have been extremely active and lost no opportunity to bring an interest in vegetarianism to the leaders of their religion, countless Rabbis, and even to the Israeli government. The JVS has many converts and branches throughout the world and also draws the admiration of many non-Jewish members.

The JVS president, Philip L. Pick, led the working group at the 1973 IVU congress in Sweden, which discussed many aspects of vegetarianism and religion - among other things the relevent references in the Bible and Old Testament, the closest and most sympathetic religions and societies to the vegetarian cause, and the most effective ways of approaching them. A report was read at the congress, but a nucleus of this group is still searching deeper into the project and is still keeping in touch, with the intention of collating all relevant information into a report which will be made available for easy reference at vegetarian societies.

I hope the Fellowship of Life will be just as successful and that in the future the anniversary of the birth of Christ will not be celebrated by the eating and the killing of millions of creatures. This is surely illogical to the true Christian.

Peter Frank
December 1973

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