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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Fellowship of Life
(Letters from The Vegetarian)

As I am deeply convinced that the Church ought to be holding up the ideal of vegetarianism - indeed had it done so I feel sure that I would have been vegetarian, in fact, from my youth, so what of others? - I have for the past four years been campaigning "World Day for Animals" within the Church in Scotland with a view to having "Reverence for All Life" recognised as a true Christian virtue. Now I am forming the "Fellowship of Life" in order to awaken Christians to their duty to abstain from the products of cruelty and destruction. In order to do this, as well as exposing the wrongs inflicted on animals, including the prime one of killing, I feel that much education is needed on the positive side of correct diet, healing, etc. I shall be glad to hear from anyone who would support or help me in any way with this venture. Perhaps the Fellowship of Life will in fact prove a bridge and meeting point between compassionate people of all religions or none, to their mutual benefit.

Margaret E. Lawson
November 1973

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