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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Animal Welfare

Sir, - Compassion in World Farming have a point when they accuse the Church of hypocrisy over its stance on animal welfare, but there is a long way to go before the Church will forbid factory farming on her land.

First of all there must be a majority of enlightened leaders before we can hope for anything like that. Sadly for the Church, the human race, the animals and the environment, such leaders are few and far between.

And it will not be enough to forbid factory farming on her lands - the rearing of animals for food, so unnecessary, is the real evil root of factory farming, and one in which consecrated Christians at least should have no part, instead of merely composing high-sounding prayers on behalf of the creatures with no change in one's own way of life - which I have always been led to believe is the first thing a Christian should examine.

There is not one who can dodge the issue with impunity. Let us have an end to the watering down of "Thou shalt not kill" and the white-washing of what is a bloody and unholy deed.

Church Times

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