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Letters By Margaret Lawson

Animals have rights
Reader's response to Margaret Lawson's Animal Welfare

Sir, - It is such a pity that Margaret Lawson (letters, March 27) should assume (a) that "consecrated" Christians must inevitably be vegetarians and (b) that only vegetarians are fully opposed to factory farming.

Of course a change in life-style may and should arise from a banning of these horrendous methods of food production. And we are told that it is much better for us to eat less meat and fewer eggs; in much of the world, in any case, these form a rich man's diet. But, given that most of us will continue to eat some meat and dairy produce, conditions for its production can be vastly improved, and indeed can also be economically viable.

The Jews, to whom was given a commandment, "Thou shalt not kill", quoted by Margaret Lawson, cannot have understood it to refer to animals, which they sacrificed in great numbers. If we accept that it is right to eat meat, then onus is on us to pressurise the retailers, the producers and the legislators (as well as fellow meat-eaters!) to enable the animals thus used to enjoy their short lives and to die with as little pain and fear as possible.

We know there is a long way to go.

Church Times

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