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'Church Times' debate (1984)

Slaughter of Animals

Sir, - Margaret Lawson, as everyone else, is entitled to her opinions (letters, October 12) on the slaughter of animals; and here is mine.

If her beliefs were followed, then she would put out of business every hill farmer and half the mixed upland farmers in the country. What would she do with the millions of acres rapidly returning to bracken and forestation? What does she suggest as employment for every butcher put on the dole? Who will compensate the other thousands - milkmen, cobblers, supermarket assistants, vets, cattle-wagon drivers, feed-merchants, shepherds, etc., etc., etc.?

I consistently explain to my dogs that I treat them with love, mercy and justice, but they still refuse to eat their rice. Why? Because their bodies are designed to eat flesh, just as ours are - hence the absence of a useful appendix to digest grass.

At no time did Jesus condemn animal husbandry, whether fishing or shepherding, but he even declared all foods clean - ie., for the good of man. He fed thousands with fish as well as bread!

May I respectfully suggest to Margaret Lawson and the Fellowship of Life that they take steps now to ensure that there are no deaths from hypothermia in Inverness-shire this coming heat-restricted winter. In love, in mercy, in justice I pray that they will draw up lists of the elderly who are now in danger, and feed and fuel them. Remember - almost every hearse will pass a butcher's shop.

Glenn Sewell,
West Charity Farm,
Barnard Castle

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