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'Church Times' debate (1984)

Slaughter (12/10/84)

Sir, - Yes, we are horrified at the ritual slaughter of animals for food, and rightly so. But, make no mistake, slaughter can never be "humane," and no matter what methods are employed it is still an act of savagery.

I watched with sadness and horror the inclusion of farm animals in the Harvest Thanksgiving Songs of Praise. I almost expected a joint of slaughtered animal to be laid on the altar - it might as well have been, for the meaning was clear. It is high time that the Christian Church faced up to the hard facts of its responsibilities to the animals and removed the plank from its own eyes before condemning other religions. In no way can the slaughter of innocent animals for food be consistent with the true religion of love, mercy and justice.

Margaret E. Lawson,
The Fellowship of Life,

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