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'Church Times' debate (1984)

Welfare of Animals (27/4/84)

Sir, - I welcome the letter last week headed "Animals: 'day of concern' " and should like to extend it by asking: "Why is the Church silent about our use and abuse of animals?"

At the hands of men animals suffer because of deliberate cruelty, callousness, insensitivity, thoughtlessness and indifference. The Church does not seem to be interested in this monstrous situation - and it ought to be.

Little serious thought has been given to the status of animals since it was decided that animals have no souls and no reasoning power; and these decisions have given us carte blanche to do what we like with animals, regardless of the pain and suffering inflicted.

Is it that we feel threatened by animals - and therefore deny them the right to humane treatment? I should like the Church, at every level, to take up the lead given by Bishop Baker of Salisbury some time ago, and come out strongly and on behalf of the animal world.

(Mrs.) Margaret D. Boxwell

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