A Gift
by Carol Popp
From all-creatures.org

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A Gift
by Carol Popp - www.carolpopp.com - Dec. 11, 2006

In spirit's wake, it is the most special
Gift that ever could be
Where giving is the dearest exploring,
Like through the treasured sea...

To give of oneself is the most precious part
A gift truly from the nestling,
Sweltering heart which
Far surpasses anything that could ever be bought...

To see a connection so very united
The very thought burns with the fervor of
A cherished embrace that holds on so special
With Love's welcoming hugs of share, which erase...

All of the stuff
Of which matter is made ~
Just melts away into the union of soul's deepest caress
And fades through mind's passage of giving, and best,

Like a gentle breeze on a rainbow's arch
That fulfills every real dream, misting the parch
Of Love's dearest feelings that blend
So very sweetly from beginning to end.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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