An Anomaly
Poetry by Lance Landall


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An Anomaly
Poetry by Lance Landall

Someone said: I’m an anomaly — which sounds good to me,
As, I don’t like to be labeled, nor pigeonholed, you see.
You can’t put me in a box, nor in this camp or that camp,
As, I don’t belong in any; won’t accept a rubber stamp.

I never swing right or left, other than to stop and seize
Whatever’s right and worthy, for why not, grasp such as these?
I take what’s good from anywhere, but I leave behind what’s not,
As good or bad, right or wrong, one in every camp can spot.

I’m not this side of the fence, that side of the fence, nor on it,
I’m just simply who I am, a mixture, a composite.
I can think for myself, work things out, make up my own mind,
I’m no puppet, no clone, nor one who just falls in behind.

I do what I think is right, not what others say is right,
I make my own decisions, knowing all’s not black and white.
Thoughtfully, I’ll listen to folk, hear what they’ve got to say,
But my train runs on my track — not on another’s railway.

I’ve my own bridges to cross, my own tunnels to go through,
My own stations to call at, my very own schedule too.
Yes, I journey on my train, one I do not want derailed,
Hence why I won’t be pressured, nor by others’ thinking jailed.

So, by all means state your case, say what you think; that’s your right,
But when you do, leave it there, don’t badger, argue, or fight.
Remember: My life’s my life; that we all chart our own course;
That when it comes to others, we shouldn’t use pressure or force,

Yes, I’m an anomaly, that’s the way I wish to be,
For I believe that that way, one’s balanced more correctly.
I don’t believe in camps, nor in boxes (some with a lock),
For I’ve found camps and boxes, growth and insight badly block.