By Paulette Callen

white-robed devotees
mona lisa smiling at play
madonnas in the
of the cold seas glacial cathedrals
of the Most High

white mala pearls
dancing on the snowy breast
of the Mother

their songs
what are they to us?

of what value the spinning wheels of Tibet?
of what value the sacred chants rising from the ashrams of India?
of what value the plainsong from the austere monasteries of Europe?
of what value the smoky meditations of the North American sweat lodge?
of what value the mighty voice of the Trappists breaking silence only for song?

the saddhu
the shaman
Cistercians & Cetaceans
have the world's work to do
singing us out of the Darkest Age
let us save the whale
for she may save the world