Humpback...Gentle Sea Grazer
By Paulette Callen

a flash of hieroglyphic flukes
the humpback dives
to graze her watery meadows
gentle lady of the sea
the largest life
gleaning the smallest
for the richest milk on earth
to nourish the fat warm calf, beloved,
at her side
Celebrate Leviathan!

a rumble
like the feeling of a sonic boom
she cleaves the water
an impossible ascent
from liquid to air
the only solid thing
herself whirling
falling on her side
a sea-displacing splash
Celebrate, Leviathan!

one who dares to listen
must cry 'Bind me to the mast!"
for hers is a song
to make you weep and wonder
a song to break your heart
stirring things deeply remembered
and long forgotten
primal and futuristic
the humpback sings!
Celebrate Leviathan!