Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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Animal Rights Poetry

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Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

I am one with trees and flowers
The grasses of the plains
The snowstorms and the sunshine
The thunder when it rains..
I am part of mountains, deserts
The mighty oceans roar
The swift deer, the breaching whale
The eagles when they soar...

I am part of leaves that die in fall
The fawn born in spring
The predator keeping life in check
The music songbirds sing..
A part of me is in the sky
Each birth of life, the dying
A kinship with the whole of earth
Its laughter and its crying...

We are a part of all the earth
Each creature our sister, brother
God's guiding hand from above
Helps us love each other..
I rejoice in all of earth
A part of all that lives
All He makes is good and great
With His loving heart He gives...

Protect life...show reverence
In everything you do
Remembering God made it all
And it's all a part of you...
We are part of stars, the universe
The butterfly, the tree
We are all a part of living things
That great, sweet mystery....