Belinda van Rensburg

A Vision of Heaven
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg


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A Vision of Heaven
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg

It happened many years ago,
yet what I saw I'll not forget.
I was feeling sad and low
because of something someone said.

Then I prayed "Lord, hear my cry,
I am so lonely and depressed.
won't You touch me as I lie,
broken, hurting, on my bed?"

Slowly then the veil was lifted
between the present and the next.
'Twas as if dimensions shifted,
as with a vision I was blessed.

What God showed me was astounding,
and it took my breath away -
for before my very eyes
a deep cloud-covered schism lay.

Beyond this schism rose a mountain,
much too awesome to describe.
Mortal tongues can't do it justice;
that Mount beyond the Great Divide.

It seemed composed of a strange substance,
akin to light and golden glass.
There was nothing growing on it;
no trees, no flowers, nor green grass.

As I gazed in awe and wonder,
I heard a gentle inner Voice,
"Look as long as you have need to",
and I marveled at this choice.

Peace then flooded my whole being
as I lay there touched by God,
and with peace came inner healing,
strength and faith which waiver not.

Thank you, God, for giving me,
a tiny glimpse of what's to come.
I can hardly wait to see
the rest of heaven, and Your Son.