Can’t Make It Out
Poetry By Lance Landall


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Can’t Make It Out
Poetry by Lance Landall

Take some animals and call them pets, and people love them to bits, even pine over their sad departure,
But take some animals and call them livestock, and people happily eat them, think nothing of their slaughter.
Yes, though pets and livestock are one and the same — in other words, living creatures — they’re viewed quite differently,
Somewhat like only valuing certain humans — the others dispensable, though part of humanity.

Well, such thinking and behaviour isn’t for me, for there’s something about this scene that refuses to gel,
And rather, hollers hypocrisy and inconsistency, and lays the foundation for many an ill.
For choosing to eat one and kill another, has a terribly schizophrenic ring, (no slur intended),
And why in my mind, such a seemingly two-faced approach to the animal kingdom should now be ended.

By Lance Landall