By Patrick N. Kramer

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By Patrick N. Kramer
Written November 06-2007

Christmas is coming as you know.
Thus it is to the shopping mall we go.
We go to buy gifts we desire to give.
To celebrate the birth of one who did live.

For the birth of Christ we celebrate Christmas Day.
Itís not our birthday yet gifts we get and give away.
Christmas gifts; given to celebrate the Lordís birth.
Gifts given in thanks of Godís son coming to earth.

Yet some ask why do we give such gifts away?
Let me explain it in another yet simple way.
Some say it is because of the gifts the Magi did give.
Others say it is because Christ came to be with us and live.

Then there is the thought its better to give then receive.
Yet we received a great gift from God I do believe.
A gift of love with a lesson to have and to hold!
To love and cherish each other is worth more then gold.

Then there is Godís lesson of what is to be.
For it is God who allows for everything we see.
So give thanks to him as you give Christmas gifts away.
For it is through Godís love we celebrate Christmas Day.


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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