Crooning Lamentations, the Evicted Lover
By Peter Menkin


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Crooning Lamentations, the Evicted Lover
By Peter Menkin

The necessities of terrible
men drove her away, to sleep
outside and travel in her car.
Part of the society homeless
who band into groups including
lovers evicted, unknown failures,
this one sleeps in the backyard
under plum trees and raccoon
rooftop trails in a tent,
in a greenhouse among redwood
trees, and showers at the university
in the city liking soap,
blaming blue collar upbringing
and her newly rich boyfriend
with sexual demands
for injuries apparent:

jilted her to devices post modern,
love lost knows, missing what
holds but does not, she cut her
hair short, rides a bicycle

to work and eats out of doors.
She exercises friendship and
suspicion, waiting on open
life without a home, crooning
lamentation with frail bravery.
What injury to the feminine soul,
elicits a protestation of pain
among all encountered by dearness.