Poetry by Peter Menkin

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Poetry by Peter Menkin
Table of Contents

A Light To The Eye
Alleluah!! Easter!!
Apartment On The Third Floor
Book Report: a Poem
Coming back to the Lord in Lent...
Coming To The Altar Together...Communion Moments
Conversation With The Holy Spirit Enveloping In Its Fellowship
Conversation With The Holy Spirit Enveloping In Its Fellowship - No.2
Conversation With The Holy Spirit Enveloping In Its Fellowship - No.3
Crooning Lamentations, the Evicted Lover - with Audio
Easter Arrives
Engaged in Le Milieu Divine
Finding Myself In Brethren
Harmony of Seasons Turning, Towards Spring
I Visited the Veteran's Hospital Today, Oh Boy... - with Audio
January 25, 2010
Left us with Him, Alive
Lilies At The Front Of The Church - with Audio
Listening To Read Aloud Silently The NSRV
Look at this strange sight
Morning Before Winter
My Friend, A Woman of Faith
Natural Places With Sacred Quality
November Season
Pentecost Sunday Prayer - with Audio
Prayer inviting quiet inner space
Relief From Burdens And Grievings
Resting In The Lord
Sharing The Year Long Vigil, Awake--Easter
Spiritual recognitions, intimacies
Summer Before Last I Saw an Angel - with Audio
The Chrome and Steel Parade of US - with Audio
The Courage to Pray Easter Prayers - with Audio
The Day Belongs to Faith & God
The Melody Of The Bible Spoken And Said
The Opossum That Came To Visit - with Audio
This God, the Ground of Being...
Thursday’s vigil, night time
Vision of Peace Toward End of Day
Visions of God’s Presence
Went To The Desert
White House Rose Garden - with Audio
With You Into Death Itself, to Rise an Angel Star Heavenward - with Audio


All the Gods on the Front Lawn...(2000)

About the Author

My name is Peter Menkin, and my interest here is to share some of my previous poems. I aspire to being a poet, and I hope you will find some of these poetic to your liking. I live in Northern California in a very nice town.

My new book, “Seasons of Faith: Religious and Spiritual Poetry,” is available on Amazon.com. Please take a look. It makes a good gift, too.

You can contact Peter through his web site: www.petermenkin.com