by Patrick N. Kramer

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By Patrick N. Kramer
Written 6-7-06

I attempted to write a poem once by force.
The words, to me, wanted a divorce.
The words had no desire to come with me that day.
Try though I may to find them, there was just no way.

The words would not come to me, no matter what I had to say.
Yet to me the words did talk, in an entirely different way.
The words told me: do not force us to come for you to write.
Allow us to flow from your heart and soul, as you know it is right.

And so the poem I tried to write by force that day.
Quietly without a sound passed away that very day.
The poem however was not truly dead you see;
For another day, my thoughts of it came freely to me.

The poem, of which I once fought to write, now came into the light.
It came from within me, just as the words told me it was right.
The poem came to be, for I with the words did not fight.
You see if a poem is to be, it should live with thee day and night.

So if a poem you desire to write, force it you should not do.
Nurture it with love, and the words will come to you.
Let the words speak for you, and of just how you feel.
Let the words come passionately to you, with a loving zeal.

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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