Hang In There
By Lance Landall

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Hang In There
By Lance Landall

Could it be that you’re discouraged, or experiencing despair?
Does the loss of someone you have loved seem impossible to bear?
Is there trouble in your life that you feel you can’t with others share?
Could some folk have left you thinking that no one really seems to care?

Perhaps you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or drained emotionally?
Perhaps you’re feeling lonely, or has somebody hurt you badly?
Perhaps your health is rather poorly, causing misery and pain,
Or has some doctor's prognosis conveyed that your life will soon wane?

Well, there is One who offers hope, One who hears every anguished prayer,
One who’ll make a difference if you’ll just surrender to His care.
No, He may not remove your woe, nor prevent one that's on its way,
But He’ll sustain you throughout it, and grant you strength for every day.

He hates to see any suffer, but He knows that some pain must be,
For ones character is refined via those fires of adversity.
Often pain is the only way that He can get our attention,
And thereby bring about what’s better — love's ultimate intention.

But you can rest assured that He knows all that you’re going through,
And that He truly cares intently how it’s all affecting you.
Hence why tender pity fills His heart for the one whose plaintive cry
Calls upon Divinity, or tearfully questions, “Why oh why?”

And you can also rest assured that He’ll respond to every plea,
And that He will do so wisely, lovingly and creatively.
For those things that seem impossible, He can do so easily,
So trust Him, friend, please trust Him, for it’s amazing what you will see.

However, what is requested, He’ll only grant if it’s His will,
For God, (who loves us very deeply), some requests will not fulfil.
You see, tough love, (or rather, true love), only does whatever's best,
And hence why He may well deny you your most passionate request.

But sometimes we pay a painful price for our own rebelliousness,
Or bring lots of trouble on ourselves due to our own foolishness.
However, we can also suffer due to others’ unkind acts,
Or other peoples’ carelessness, and the old devil’s cruel attacks.

But despite it all — God’s in control — and suffering He'll soon end,
And then all our  tears will cease to flow, and our broken hearts will mend.
And death will never strike us again, nor will evil rule the heart,
For when sin’s horrid reign has ended, life in Paradise will start.

So, hang in there, for that time is near — yes, trust in the One who cares,
For very soon you’ll have a new life when the Son of Man appears.
Yes, that cosmic battle raging between powers of dark and light
Will soon reach its climax, which means that things are looking very bright.

But listen, friend, are you ready? Have you Jesus Christ accepted?
Lest it be that you find yourself amongst the ones who're rejected.
For it would be such a tragedy if eternal life you lost,
But that, and joy unspeakable, is what spurning Jesus could cost.

However, if you have accepted Christ, you have no need for fear,
As both your future and the present are securely in His care.
Thus, you’ll know He’s made a difference, made things easier to bear,
Given you a brighter future, and a reason to hang in there.

The expression 'Hang In There' can be interpreted as: Don't give up, keep going, hold on, stick with it, etc.