Mind The Wife You Choose, Son
By Lance Landall

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Mind The Wife You Choose, Son
By Lance Landall

 Mind the wife you choose, son, for here, great care is needed,
As many have paid the price, when such counsel they’ve not heeded.
It’s far from a small matter, who you choose to be your wife,
So, watch that youthful passion, lest pain soon engulf your life.

It’s been said that love is blind, and so often that’s proved true,
So give it lots of thought, son, lest you get a wife you’ll rue.
You’re certainly not the first, and, you will not be the last,
To set eyes and heart upon, one your arms should never clasp.

It’s better to be single, than to make a big mistake,
By marrying a woman, you wouldn’t be wise to take.
The same goes for a woman, lest she too, make a mistake,
By taking for a husband, one that she too, shouldn’t take.

Please listen to your dad, son, I’m a male just like you,
I know the way you’re feeling, for I’ve felt the same way too.
But one must be objective, when one’s thinking of a wife,
Lest the physical, or emotional, wrongly, affect your future life.

Yes, listen to your dad, son, for I’ve learnt a thing or two,
Having seen so many fall, once unchecked desire grew.
For some it’s been adultery, for others, ’twas simply lust,
But somewhere, all come unstuck, when in self, they put their trust.

You may be tired of hearing things I state to spare you ill,
But such you should consider, if you wish that all go well.
Many fathers made mistakes, when as youth, advice did spurn,
And now, are warning their own sons, lest they too, the hard way learn.

Fathers too, are human, son, but good fathers try their best,
To spare their children sadness, found in many a marital nest.
So, take the time that’s needed, to ensure that your choice,
Will be the one that’s wisest, for that way, you’ll soon rejoice.

Good judgment’s needed daily, as we make our way through life,
For wrongly-made decisions, can just cause us so much strife.
It’s not just we who suffer, as often, others are affected
By our errors of judgment, or when wisdom, we’ve rejected.

The wise young man or woman, in experience will invest,
Such being, discerning parents, and wise elders, who know best.
Ignoring wisdom given, or providentially sent,
Could mean that in the future, who you’ve chosen, you’ll lament.

Love can always wait to give, but lust, can never wait to get,
So first, make sure you’re worthy, of the one on whom you’re set.
Women, should pick good husbands, and men, should pick good wives,
For those who’ve chosen badly, have had troubles plague their lives.