Lance LandallOnly Christ
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Only Christ
Poetry by Lance Landall

Only Christ can change the wretched heart, only He can save each soul,
Yes, only when Jesus dwells within, can a person be made whole.
Only Christ can transform fallen lives, only He can break sinís hold,
Yes, only Jesus can promise eternity, and joy untold.

Yes, only Christ ó our Lord and Saviour ó can abundantly supply
That strength for each and every day, that help for every anguished cry.
Yes, only Christ can offer us hope, even when no hope there seems,
Only Christ ó who will soon appear ó holds the answer to all our dreams. 

So, donít put your faith in men, and nor in those plans that they employ,
But rather, just in Him, who offers lasting peace and inner joy.
Donít go clinging to earthly treasure, nor this earth thatís soon to end,
But rather, take hold of Him ó who very soon ó broken lives will mend.

Yes, Heís waiting, friend, Heís waiting, and He is longing for your call,
Those words that will tug at His heartstrings, ďYes, Lord, I surrender all.Ē
Our Lord knows that itís only then, that He can do the best for you,
And beginning He will say, ďNow! There is nothing that I canít do.Ē

And then Heíll take the old self within, and change how youíve been thinking,
And soon you'll find that what you want in life, with His will is linking.
And youíll also find that what you once did, you'll no longer want to do,
And that youíre lost in others' lives, not those things that you sought for you.

But only Christ ó only Jesus ó such a miracle can achieve,
The Alpha and Omega, who all who're repentant will receive.
Therefore, just let the Lord who beckons, a miracle work in you,
Yes, let Him who fashioned Earth, show that thereís nothing that He canít do.

Oh yes, let the canvas of your life feel the Master Artistís brush,
Let Him who painted all the flowers colour your life just as lush,
Let every heavenly stroke, and each divinely moistened bristle,
Make that life that you live on this earth, His picturesque epistle.

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