Searching Souls
Poetry by Marla Deaton


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Searching Souls
Poetry by Marla Deaton

You see yourself
Without a smile on your face.
But I see something so lovely
That time can not erase.

You express your soul
With such wisdom and rhythm.
I know I could've loved you
If I went back in time.

I think I could've been good for you
But we were decades apart.
I would've looked in your blue eyes
And guarded your fragile heart.

I wish I could've talked you down
From needlessly feeling blue.
And maybe you'd looked in my eyes
And guard my fragile heart too.

I hope you found what you were searching for
That you wrote about in your prime.
I know your tender words
Made way from your soul to mine.

And made your mark in time.
But it made me wonder...

How could someone as lovely as you
Be denied a love that's true?
And how could someone with so much to give
Have such wisdom and still feel blue?

Well, sometimes I feel that way too.
But that's what searching souls do.

Copyright © 2010 Marla Deaton