by Patrick N. Kramer
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By Patrick N. Kramer
Written 6-4-06

Listen to the words when spoken with all your heart.
Listen to the words, and hear them from the very start.
Listen to the words of the Lord, and take time to hear.
Hear the words and feel them, perhaps even shed a tear.

Shed not a tear out of sorrow.
Shed one, in thanks for tomorrow.
Shed one for the lives, of those you know and love.
Shed a tear of thanks, for the love of God above.

Be of a thankful mind and heart.
Thankfully allow Godís spirit into your heart.
Let the Lordís words and meaning enter into your soul.
Having a thankful mind and heart should be your highest goal.

For he who gives thanks for the Lordís word, has heard every one.
For he who gives thanks for the word, also knows what the Lord has done.
He is thankful to the Lord for every breathing day.
He is thankful for having been taught how to pray.

So take the time to listen, and to say a prayer.
Take time to listen and pray to God, for He does care.
Take time to listen and to truly hear.
Take time to remember, God loves us all here.

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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