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The Fear of Brilliance
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Fear of Brilliance
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

(Inspired by the words of a friend)

The Fear of Brilliance

When one is good at something there always appears conflict and fear.

Sometimes with brilliance the path is never clear.

We tend to analyze, emotionalize and internalize life.

When one excels at something they are faced with heartache and strife.

We are afraid to be the best.

There is no respite or rest.

We punish ourselves with motives or recompense.

It never makes any sense.

However step out of fear and face your brilliance.

This requires much patience.

Never stop your self from attaining success.

There is nothing wrong with simply being the best.

You have a talent a wonderful gift not to hide but to share.

By being you, you bring joy to many souls because you care.

Embrace being brilliant and the best.

Suddenly you have unraveled untold success.

© Andrew Pell 06/06/10

The Fear of Brilliance