Andrew Pell

The Light that Shines in the Darkness
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The Light that Shines in the Darkness
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

In the beginning there was confusion and a dark void.

God stretched out his hand and his creative power employed.

He brought life to the swirling rock and molten mass.

Day followed night, night followed day.

His creative power came into play.

He brought life from the tiniest cell to his crowning glory man.

No human finite mind can fathom or his creative infinite mind, understand.

Yet man in his own disobedient way fell from grace.

He angered the most high. God put him in his place.

Man blocked out the divine light that shone from above.

He turned his back on the God of love.

God would not rest till the balance and harmony was restored.

Then the Christ took on the mantle of human form.

Into great poverty he was born.

He brought light to a world that was thirsty for the light.

Human souls once again became vibrant and bright.

The harmony and balance was divinely restored.

Man rose from the abyss, his spirit soared.

The light shone in the darkness.

The world was in a terrible mess.

The light pierced the hearts of those who were receptive to the light.

The soldiers armed with the light went forth with all their might.

The darkness could not overcome the light.

The world was bathed in a strange mystic glow.

Men’s hearts were at peace, the light they would sow.

God had shone forth into humanity.

Men and women were all set free.

Never turn away from the light.

If you do, you will stumble in the night.

There is still a darkness blanketing the earth.

But the light will pierce the darkness and give the planet new birth.

Walk in the light, never ever stray.

Wait and be patient for that glorious day.

© A. Pell 22/10/2004