To Judge Or Not To Judge
By Lance Landall


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To Judge Or Not To Judge
By Lance Landall

Many people are quick to say that judging others isn't right,
When neither is that statement where it's not balanced with further light,
For it’s only wrongful judging that's in need of condemnation,
For none can condemn judging where there's a rightful application.

Judging is simply assessing any given situation,
Which thereby enables someone to make a sound valuation,
For it’s only by this method that an appraisal can be made,
Thus determining our actions according to how such is weighed.

And the same applies to people too, and whatever they might do,
As we need to determine whether we should do that same thing too.
Such as, is what they’re doing harmful, is it wrong or is it right,
Could others be affected by such, will it good or bad invite?

And it’s also what they are saying that needs scrutinizing too,
Such as, does it contain some error, is it right or quite untrue?
Could their words lead us astray, or have us put other people wrong,
Could it be that they're deceiving us, or just stringing us along?

Yes, good judgment is needed daily as we make our way through life,
For any wrongly-made assessment can bring about grief and strife.
And it’s not just we who suffer — as often, others are affected
By our errors of judgment, or when judgment we have neglected.

We so often hear people say that there is a time and a place,
Hence, sometimes when we are judging, confronting others we must face,
For to not confront an offender just condones and aids their wrong,
Depriving them of growth and learning, which their wrong-doing can prolong.

Therefore, when we don’t deal with such wrong, clearly love we do not show,
For genuine love knows that everyone needs discipline to grow.
However, if you’re told when judging that it’s none of your concern,
Then where there's nothing that you can do, the hard way they’ll have to learn.

But it’s always how it’s done, of course, and it's also how it’s said,
For often wrong approaches simply put things back and not ahead.
And just love should motivate you, both for them and those affected,
Yes — love’s sense of right and wrong — which it knows shouldn't be neglected.

Sadly so, some are judging blindly, or in a self-righteous way,
Or because of some prejudice, they’ve let their judgment go astray.
Some people are just judgmental, or are spitefully fault-finding,
While others judge selectively, or their own business aren't minding.

And because of such wrongful judging, some don’t want judging at all,
Which effectively would mean that wrongfulness would just have a ball.
And that’s precisely why it is that wrong things must be arrested,
And why we're seeing much more today, this world with wrong infested.

So then, when you need to judge, please see that it is done correctly,
And to anyone who has wronged you, please always go directly.
But first, make sure that you’ve judged yourself, well before you head their way,
Lest your very own condition just some hypocrisy display.

And when and where such judgment takes place, humbleness should rule our heart,
We being aware of our own failings, and letting mercy play its part,
For by the way we judge another, we could also be judged too,
Hence why love in its wisdom always chooses the right thing to do.

- - -

The real problem isn’t that we judge, but that we do so blindly and arrogantly. By not confronting people [because we are afraid of upsetting them] we may deny them the opportunity needed to learn and grow, with the result that they may come unstuck further down the track. Compromise can always be identified by false sympathy for the sinner. In the name of acceptance and love, false sympathy fails to help a person recognize and address sin squarely and thus denies the person the very thing needed, the transforming grace of God.

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