by Patrick N. Kramer
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By Patrick N. Kramer
Written 7-26-06

The sun came up today and it did shine.
The sun came up today starting my day just fine.
My day it started just fine you see,
For I, was up early sitting under an old oak tree.
Under an old oak tree I sat watching as the sun did rise.
Watching I did as the sun brightened up the skies.
The sky’s late night hues, I saw first of purple and black.
Turning to shades of blue, as against that oak tree I leaned back.
I leaned back with my thoughts of the grandeur that I did see.
There I sat with thoughts of how great my day started for me.
I sat against that grand old oak tree, watching birds go passing by.
I watched those birds, and my thoughts soared up into the sky.
Up into the skies and then into the Heavens, my thought did go.
And then I thanked the Lord for today and rightly so.
Rightly so it was, to thank my Lord for this day.
For it was he who painted for me this beautiful display.
God painted for me and the world a display of colors for all to see.
Colors that came out of the darkness to be enjoyed by all not just me!
So perhaps someday I will find you too, under that old oak tree some day.
Then together under the old oak tree, we’ll watch the sun chase the night away.

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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