Vision of Peace Toward End of Day
By Peter Menkin


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Vision of Peace Toward End of Day
By Peter Menkin

The light towards end of day at Fort Cronkite
Beach, moving to the evening as dusk arrived this summer day.

Visions this week: the sky--looking down the road,
As in the distance traveling south towards San Francisco
Beautiful hills, again the light as dusk arrived…summertime

With an empty mind, not blank, but quieted, so quiet, enjoying
The latter part of day, the vision of peace. This refrain began,
If briefly: May the Lord bless us. May the Lord shine upon us.
May the Lord grant us peace.

Visions of peace, a good vision, like mercy it comes from time
To time as I age into my 60s. I am glad for these moments,
And in the snatches of time here and there, while waiting,
Or visiting, I find the vision again. The goodness of creation
Noted in a vision of the end of day. Quietude.

August 24, 2010