By Patrick N. Kramer


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By Patrick N. Kramer

A bit of a back ground here for this poem.
The line of thought comes from back when I worked in a nursing home. The line of thought was a common placed one with many I helped to take care of. I myself strongly suggest taking as many pictures as one can. For one's memory does slowly fade away and pictures will help remove the shadows that hide the past.

Where did yesterday go?
I really would like to know.
As yesterday was so much fun.
It was time spent playing in the sun.

Oh where is yesterday as of now.
I do wish I could have it back somehow.
For the things I did yesterday were so fun.
Yesterday is only memories of what I’ve done.

Days which; are now memories of long ago.
Days that passed by ever so slow.
Yet they too did quickly pass by.
Days remembered with a sigh.

Yesterday is what has come and gone.
Time filled learning right from wrong.
Days filled with memories of the past.
Shadows of days fading ever so fast!

Fading away just like yesterday.
Memories of what is no more of this day.
The fleeting memories of days of long ago!
Oh how I wish I knew where yesterday did go.