Updated Action on Maryland Ray Killing Contest Ban
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February 2017

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As we reported to you in a previous update, legislation has been introduced in Maryland to ban the horrific slaughter of cownose rays. While the original legislation would have been for an ongoing ban of the contests, it was amended to be a two-year ban while the MD Department of Natural Resources prepares a management plan.

While this is not everything we hoped for, the amended legislation passed the MD Senate by a stunning 46-0 shut out. The legislation was also changed to be an “emergency” bill meaning it would take effect immediately and ban contests planned for this year, while the normal legislation would have not taken effect until after the contests would have been held, so that is important.

murdered ray
One of the innocent victims of the ray killing contest

  • Watch our most recent video for cownose rays video
  • We implore every resident of Maryland to immediately contact your state representative and Governor Larry Hogan and politely ask that they support the legislation.
    Contact Governor Larry Hogan
    Online form
    100 State Circle
    Annapolis MD 21401-1925
    Phone: (410) 974-3901
  • Maryland residents: Contact your state legislators HERE
  • Out-of-state residents please contact Maryland’s tourism board and say that these unethical and barbaric events are staining Maryland’s reputation, and that you won't be spending your vacation in Maryland while they are allowed to happen.

    [email protected]


On February 15, SHARK investigator Stu Chaifetz travelled to Maryland to testify on behalf of the bill. It is critical to note that the only reason why any of this is happening is because of the dramatic video we captured of the slaughters. This video has broken the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who witnessed innocent pregnant rays being beaten with bats, and newborn rays being shot at point-blank range and left to die slow, painful deaths.

Without SHARK, theses miserable and disgusting contests would be ongoing without anyone knowing the true horrors being committed. Instead, today more than 202,000 people have signed the petition calling for these contests to end and hundreds of thousands more people have seen our videos. In fact, because of the legislation, TheDodo.com reached out to us asking if they could use our video to promote the cause, which has brought awareness to even more people. 

Rays! Image from oean.nationalgeographic.com

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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