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 From Jerry Brenner - 15 Sep 2003

I certainly doubt you will publish my comment next to all the other ones, since it's going to enrage you. It's all right, I just thought all of you at your organization needed to hear a piece of my mind.

I am a Christian male, and I eat meat.

Your pictures definitely aren't for the squeamish. It was with disgust that I watched all of them. However, your constant references to biblical scriptures is equally sickening. You offer such a one-sided point of view. Or have you already forgotten that Jesus Christ Himself ate the flesh of the lamb? And I can guarantee you, that lamb that Jesus ate was not killed with hugs and kisses, I can tell you that. It was killed, how else, with cruelty. Not to mention many other scriptures in which God clearly gives us humans permission to ingest animal flesh. You got my e-mail address, so if you're willing to refute this, write back and I'll gladly tell you where to find such verses.

I am all against eating the flesh of animals that we use as companions (i.e. dogs, cats), it's unneccessary. There's plenty of pork, beef and chicken circulating on this world. If someone is starving to death in a Third World country and they have nothing to eat but a cat or a dog, sure, that's more than justified. Otherwise, it's unexcusable. However, to claim that "only humans" are capable of such cruelty... turn on the Discovery channel, and you will see that, as cruel as humans can be with other species and with each other, wild predators do not fall short in that category either. What can I say, it's survival of the fittest, it's the way the world is. Your views, therefore, are gratuitous and warped.

Killing animals for the sake of killing them (fox hunting) is unnecessary and cruel. However, and to your disgust, I'll let you know that as cruel as such practice may be, God will not condemn anyone to hell strictly on such basis. Don't believe me, read the Bible again.

I would like to see any of you at your organization deal with such issues as animal control (when rats become a threat in impoverished areas, how do your "compassionate" souls suggest we deal with them? Feed them and kiss them?), or pests (when a mosquito bites you, God forbid you smack them. They're animals too. Don't you say it's a sin?). Perhaps the latest medical treatment that saved one of your relatives from a deadly illness was discovered because of animal research. Many of such treatments are, I mean, what do you suggest, experimenting on humans? Maybe you'd like that better.

You are a bunch of repulsive hypocrites. One thing is exposing animal cruelty (which I am all against), another is classifying animal flesh consumption as a sin.

If you have the time, and money to waste your time with your B.S. organization, try to dedicate some of it to exposing cruelty and barbarities against HUMANS. I mean, when there is still a single human soul left in this world in need of food and compassion, is there really time to be wasted with bullshit organizations like yours? All the money you waste on your bullshit purpose could feed MILLIONS of people in Africa and South America. Food for thought.

After all this compassion you people show, I am SURE you're the type of people who walk away with disgust from a homeless person begging for a dime.

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Jerry:

Thank your for your email and comments. You write as an apologist for the meat industry.

Since you begin with the Christian, Biblical, and compassion issue, we find it interesting that you don't really think about what Jesus taught us in the Beatitudes and particularly Matthew 5:3-9. How can you justify what is happening with farmed and other animals in this context; or, Paul's teachings in Romans 8:18-25, and Galatians 5:22-23. These atrocities fit more into what Paul calls the deeds of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21), which are ungodly.

95% of all animal products sold today come from factory farms where these inhumane acts run rampant. Thus the only way we know of to bring these horrors to an end is to "go vegan" and not support their industries. Furthermore, there is really no difference between what is happening there, and what is happening in other countries with dogs and cats.

Not all Jews in the time of Jesus' incarnation celebrated the Passover with killing or eating lamb. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus ate any animals during his incarnation upon the earth. There is only one passage in Luke (24:42-43) where we are told that Jesus may have eaten a piece of fish after His resurrection. However, the original Greek says that He was offered a piece of fish and a honeycomb, and He ate "IT"; which one we don't know.

We also find it interesting that you resort to name calling and claims that we don't care about people. Actually most of our ministry is people directed.

In the Love of the Lord,


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