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 From Katrina Vidal - 26 Nov 2003

Hi, I just wrote the following letter and corrected a typo in the last paragraph, so I am re-sending it free of typos, since I had a question anyway that I forgot to ask. Can I stick to cage-free/free-range eggs? Is this a good choice, or do the chickens/chicks still suffer?

Katrina from Sunnyvale, CA

Dear Save the Animals,

You're absolutely right when you say "ungodly" - when I saw the duck lying in his sickness in the "Ducks and Geese" section, I literally cut out all meat from my diet from then and there except for fish. I had come across this site because I have been strongly against foie gras for a long time and heard something on the news about a state trying to ban it, so I came online to look for more information and came across these horrifying images.

I must be honest with you and say that sushi and cheese have always been my 2 favorite foods in this entire world, so it will be extremely hard to give those 2 up and go completely vegan, but I admire the amount of work you put into this sight because it really makes people (like myself) think twice and make an "informed decision" about what they choose to eat. I think if more people knew exactly what animals went through to sustain us, they would be more selective over what they ate. Rather than thinking of animal meat as a dead object, consumers would be more aware that those animals were once living beings who died to fulfill human desire.

For now, I am getting my protein from fish and beans, iron and other minerals from a daily supplement, and my calcium from dairy but am experimenting with soy products since they're pretty packed with calcium, too - I still enjoy my diet and feel so much better now that I've had a change of heart. While I may not be a true vegetarian, I feel that it is a good start!

Kat, 24

Sunnyvale, CA

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Kat:

Thank you very much for your visit and very encouraging email.

You are most definitely making a good start. Our start was over thirty years ago and it took us until 1987 to become completely vegan, when we realized how rampant the atrocities were that were being inflicted upon almost all "food" animals.

We have found (from our investigations and those of others) that most "free range" seems to be an advertising gimmick. We also have personally witnessed cruelty on so-called organic dairy farms. We have seem so much deception in the animal agriculture industry, that we no longer can believe anything they say.

Please remember that the free-range farms still kill the male chicks and kill the hens when their egg laying days are over.

In the Love of the Lord,


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