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 From Patrick Michel - 26 Nov 2003

If humans aren't supposed to eat meat then why does it taste so good? I'm serious about this question. I'm not being rhetorical. Why does it taste so good?

The idea being that our taste buds are their to protect us, things that are poisonous taste bad, things that are good for us taste good, it's not arbitrary. So why does meat taste good?

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Patrick:

Our taste buds are curious sensors. They can be educated, and it only takes about three weeks to change their preferences.

There are two primary factors for animal foods "tasting good". The one is mouth feel from the fat content, and the other is the seasoning. If you switched to veggies with the same seasonings you'd find them just as tasty, if not more so. If you eliminated all animal products from your diet, in about three weeks you'd probably not miss them any more.

It's no different than eating spicy foods. If you're not used to them they are too hot, but as your continue to eat them, you find that you enjoy the spiciness, and even hotter dishes.

We used to be like you, too, but our sense of compassion changed us and we no longer miss any animal product. In fact, even the smell of them bother us, today.

In the Love of the Lord,


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