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 From Skye Hathaway - 31 Dec 2003


I am 15 an i have a dog an was not aware of the cruelty going on with theses animals I use to like fur but wouldn't buy it cause I knew animals were killed, but I have been told since I was little that there death was fast an non painful but seeing all theses pictures I realize I was lied to...

I guess I never realized how much animals were kill a year an how much pain an heartbroken in they've gone threw especially the dogs from other countries.... I didn't think people actually ate dogs an killed them that way I've herd stories how they did it back in the day but I see its still going on.. an what they do in laboratories must be stopped.  

It all must be stopped its wrong an cruel an no animal threw out its life should ever be treated or know how that feels they should live the way their meant to live they shouldn't be breed just to be killed later in their lives. It's not human, its plain out cold hearted an shouldn't be don't it should be dealt with an stopped for good or we'll kill every creature that comes along and has soft fur or great texture.

back in the past it might have been ok but we had reasons like the Indians they were taught that an that's how they survived they didn't have the modern technology we have today but in the 2000's we have so much other products we can live on that aren't killed an tortured we have food that's healthy that we can live on....

I see no reason on y we have to do this to animals who have done not a damn thing to harm us in anyways....but that's my opinion on all this I thank you for this website an showing me how much cruelty was done to theses poor animals its helped me a lot ill be sure to tell my family an friends bout this ite an make sure they see whets really happening be hind the curtains of the slaughter houses etc....

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Skye:

Thank you very much for your letter and compassionate comments.

We also appreciate your active participation in helping to peacefully end the cruelty to animals.

In the Love of the Lord,


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