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From Lucia - 2 May 2004 

Hey, I just read all of it and I agree with the killing of animals being wrong. I am personally a vegi but I am going vegan next fall.

One problem I have is I am 16 and my family all eats meat. They eat chicken and cow and deer and pigs and turkey and all sorts of animals that should be treated like a pet with daily love and affection. I myself wish to help people through all this but no matter what I do (I even mailed them the web page of yours) they still eat meat and they make me do the same. They think people canít live without it, yet many live on only soy.

I am made to eat meat every day of the week almost and when I get my hands on something vegan they stop buying it and find another type of animal that they want me to try and eat. They also make fun of me for being "childish" and make me have things with it. No matter what I do, I canít run from this evil. I am also told that my not eating meat will not stop this problem and I should just keep eating it. I myself get sick every time, so I feel itís best for me and the animals that though I am one person I have a right to try and NOT eat beef or any kind of animal.

I just wish to ask you what shall I do so I may keep this dream of no meat alive? I cannot move out, I canít not look at it, cause no matter what, a family member brings meat over, like my grandma, or we buy chicken and turkey ourselves. My sister even eats ham like itís nothing. I canít believe she does it, for she feels the same about animals as I do.

Itís heartbreaking to live like this and I ask of you to please give me a web page forum or even your own words of protection and the feeling that what I am doing is right for all of us. I just want a place where I am not an outcast or a loner of sorts. I want to be thanked for my devotion and determination of not sticking meat in my mouth. I know this sounds selfish but I never asked for anything before and I just want a thank you or good job! All I am really asking is a little comfort in what I'm doing. This seems like a bad way of begging but I have tried going into forums and things that support what I do but none of them even answer my posts. Please give me a place where I can be thanked and told what to do of this. Or just say so yourself...

Thank you for your time.


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Lucia:

Thank you for your very impassioned letter. You are not alone in your feelings. We get letters like yours all the time.

Mary and I are both over 65 and have been vegetarian (vegan) for many years. Neither of us takes any medication and we're in excellent health. We became vegans for reasons of compassion, too.

We have a large vegetarian (vegan) recipe section on our web site, which you might enjoy, and perhaps your family would try some of them.

In the Love of the Lord,


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