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From Graham - 30 Jun 2004

[After visiting “Animal Exploitation” on the web site]

It sickens me and I am sure it would sicken at least 99.99% of everyone else.

I don't understand how lives can be bought and used like objects; it's disgusting.

You may think that I am a hypocrite, as I eat meat and dairy.

You've enlightened me about wool; I didn't realise that sheep suffered for the sake of wool. I just thought they got trimmed and it grew back with little/no harm to the sheep.

I guess we need to push to make acts like those on the site ILLEGAL. (I'd love to stop fox hunting.)

Good site; keep up the good work!


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Graham:

Thank you very much for your comments and compliments.

We don't think you're hypocritical. Thirty years ago we ate as you eat, but as we became enlightened about the atrocities committed against animals, we began cutting out animal products from our lifestyle until we became vegan. It was a matter of compassion overcoming tradition.

In the Love of the Lord,


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