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From Lynne - 11 Jul 2004

What a terrible world we live in. I think it is completely abhorrent for anyone to kill an innocent animal. What makes me angry is the fact that some animals are so small when compared to the size of a human being. Anyone who kills an animal is a murderer and an utter coward.

It is very hard to understand that any person can actually be so cruel when face to face with the animals themselves, seeing firsthand how they cry and struggle to hold on to their lives. What right have we got to take their lives in the first place? None whatsoever!

It has been proven that the killing of animals is linked to the killing of humans and that a lot of murderers began by being cruel to or actually killing animals. It seems perfectly logical to me and we need to stop all this disregard for all these beautiful animals.

Your site is very good and will educate people to what is happening in the world. I know the images are not nice but as adults we should face these atrocities and not turn away as so many people do. That doesn't help the animals one bit! If only they could talk, all these vile animal abusers would be in court. I myself am a vegan and campaign against vivisection.


Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Lynne:

Thank you very much for your compassionate letter, and for telling us about your efforts to prevent cruelty to animals.

We have an uphill struggle, but we're seeing signs that people are starting to listen.

In the Love of the Lord,


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