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From James Leighton - 16 Aug 2004

going vegan will not save anybody.

I eat eggs ,,,that I collect from my own chickens,,,, who live on my land,,,,, with no fences at all they seem pretty happy , you are free to believe what ever you want and god bless you for it, but remember .free will


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear James:

Thank you for writing.

You are among the very small minority of people that raise chickens this way. More than 95% of all commercial chickens and eggs come from factory farming operations, with all their associated pain and suffering.

What happened to the brothers of your hens? What happens to your chickens when they don't lay as many eggs as you want? Do you allow them to live out their lives in the peaceful open land you described?

In the Love of the Lord,


Response From James

well as you know laying hens arent all that meaty and since they all lay their eggs in generally the same location it is difficult to tell who is earning thier keep and who isint.

I donít really keep that close of an eye on them and if thet chose to leave they could.

I do raise others for meat but untill the time I actually eat them, they have a pretty good life too, when I die I will be returned to the earth to be eaten by others so they will have their revenge someday.

while I donít agree with the vegan part of you philosophy ,I also do not condone the mistreatment of animals ,domestic especially because they have become so parasitic.

meaning they cannot survive without human intervention.

I do appreciate the effort on your part to end the abuse though ,,thank you


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear James:

Thank you for your follow-up explanation and for your understanding of the horrors of factory farming.

For us, being vegan has a two fold emphasis: We are vegan for reasons of compassion, and also as a peaceful means of protesting the atrocities being inflicted upon the billions of animals that suffer and die every year.

You also might be interested in some of our healthful vegan recipes . Who knows, maybe you'll like them so much that you'll become vegan, too, and your chickens will become your companions.

In the Love of the Lord,


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