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From Alex - 16 Sep 2004


I am a girl who is very concerned with all the abuse that is happening to all of the animals in our world. Animals have no voice they can't scream for help; all you can see is the look in there eyes that makes me come to tears.

I can't understand how any person can take pride in killing animals. These animals can't say anything for themselves so we have to speak for them and what you are doing for the animals is great; it really opened my eyes.

How would anyone of these people running these business's like it if for "research" (as they call it - they should just say hey we need something to torture - lets take something that can't fight back and make it suffer) if they had another human head grafted to them and maybe also just for fun or "research" lets burn the dumb dog when were dumb when I see those kind of pictures that is what I see peple just being horrible.

People just take food like chicken, pig and cow for granted they don't think of what these poor animals have to go through now when I see someone eating meat I almost start to cry because I remember what I saw.

Now I may not no much because I am only 13 but I now that these things must be illegal in some way. if you would like to respond to me to tell me about anything please do.

Thank you for what u are doing to raise awareness.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Alex:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments and compassionate letter, and for wanting to speak for the animals.

You are never to young to tell other about what you have learned and to ask them to join you in eliminating animal suffering.

Unfortunately, there aren't any enforced laws to protect these animals.

All we can do is change public opinion until our collective voices and cries for the animals is heard above the money of the abusers.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

Response from Alex


Thank you for replying to my message.

Are you sure that there is absolutely nothing that we can do to help the animals?

If there is can I help with anything.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Alex:

We can do a lot to help the animals, but informing everyone we know about how these animals are suffering.  We just can't rely on the existing laws to stop what is considered "normal practice" in the industry.

We can stop eating them, wearing their skins, and going to places that exploit them for entertainment.

We can also ask other people to join us in this action.

When enough people speak out for the animals, and against their exploitation, the abuse will end, much as it did with slavery.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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