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From Laura Chapman - 18 Sep 2004

Thank you for having the guts to show people what goes on at the slaughterhouses.

I've just been on a holiday to Canada and the USA and was disgusted at all the Steakhouses, especially in Alberta, (Canada), where they proudly boast that they have AAA quality beef and AAA pork!!

My travel colleagues on the tour were mostly American - I had to eat with them for each meal for 18 sickened me to realise just how ingrained the desire is for them to eat meat, especially beef - they seem to think that a meal is incomplete with a slab of animal flesh on the plate!!!

I told them, when they enquired as to why I did not eat meat that my choice was for ethical reasons which of course made them very curious and inquisitive.

I could have gotten into a fight about it as they all advocated eating meat and thought I was not merely missing out - but a bit weird for not wanting to partake in what they considered to be "healthy", and necessary meat!!!!

I am printing off a whole heap of website info to educate one particular person - of all people a supposedly devout Christian - who thinks God put animals on the Earth for us to eat - how wrong she is!!!! and I'm going to try to get through that defensive exterior of hers.

Thanks again.

Wish me luck!!!

Laura Chapman

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Laura:

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments and for telling us about your Canada and USA trip. We hear this kind of story every day. The majority of people just don't seem to care that animals are suffering, unless it's their own "pet". Their compassion is so limited and self-serving.

A major portion of our ministry is devoted to breaking through the hardness-of-heart barrier that is so prevalent in Christianity, and which is totally against the teachings of Jesus Christ, whom they claim to follow.

We not only "wish you luck", but send along our prayers.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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