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From Eunice - 15 Oct 2004


I read and looked through your website and I was appalled. Itís a horrible thing that is happening to the animals of the world as a result of careless human activities.

One thing I didnít agree with was it is concluded that all those who poach animals or research on them are ďevilĒ and ďwicked.Ē

In many countries around the world, poaching is common because for some itís the only way to earn a living. This is specially found in poorly developed countries. This also goes with deforestation. Underdeveloped countries donít have the resources to stop poaching or deforestation. Attacking the individuals does nothing, the problem will continue. The changes need to be made from the top. Calling someone names or generalizing that some people are evil or wicked will do nothing but inspire ignorance and prolong the problem. Ignorance cannot achieve anything for the better of the world. I agree that animal cruelty must be stopped, but thereís more to it than good and evil. Thatís a narrow way of thinking. There are no extremes.

Finally, thank you for your website, itís very impacting and opened my eyes wider than they already were.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Eunice:

Thank you for writing.

Humans have been torturing and killing animals for thousands of years, and have more often than not made excuses for doing so. We have also found nearly all of the killing was unnecessary, and that food, for example, was available form other sources. Thus, to kill when it is not necessary, is evil.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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