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From Jo Dickson - 20 Oct 2004

Dear sir/madam

I have just visited your website and am sitting here in tears !!!

What... is wrong with these people???

What... is wrong with society???

Until now I thought I was doing a lot to prevent animal cruelty...obviously I was wrong.

They can do this to animals and yet if we attack physically or verbally, its people like me that get told to sit down and shut up.

I have 9 pets in total, all of which my family loves to pieces. It breaks my heart to see these horrendous things.

And we are meant to be the superior race?????

Humans are bloody stupid in more ways than one


Jo Dickson

New Zealand

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jo:

Thank you very much for writing. Our hearts are breaking, too.

There is still untold cruelty in the world, but we are seeing signs that as more and more people begin to speak out against animal cruelty, some of the cruelty is ending. So...don't lose hope. Keep spreading the message of compassion to everyone you know and ask them to join you in your efforts to end animal cruelty. You can also refer them to our web site so that they can see for themselves.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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