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From Josh - 10 Dec 2004


I'm Josh. I am writing to say that in the Bible, When Jesus says "tend to my sheep..." he is refering to taking care of others and such.

I do agree though that testing should be done on animals only when it is harmless to the animal (and the testers know it.)

Also, in the Bible, it says we are to rule over the birds and the Beasts of the earth. This means that (when good reason is used) hunting is absolutely okay. I just wanted to kinda say Hi i guess. great pics, by the way. :)

God Bless,


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Josh:

Thank you for your letter.

Yes, Jesus is referring to the people that are following Him, and not actual sheep, when he told Peter to "tend My sheep".

If something is known to be harmless, they could test it on humans. They test on animals to see how toxic it is because they know it is harmful. There is no such thing as compassion for animals in testing and research. It's all cruel and often sadistic.

There are more than enough plant foods to eat, today. We don't need to kill any animals to live. In fact, we'd be healthier if we ate only whole, unprocessed, plant foods.

The true meaning of dominion is care for those in your charge. We need to think about the way God presented this to us in Genesis 1:26-31. God created humans in His image and gave them dominion over the earth. And to clarify what was included in this dominion, He went on to say that plants were to be the food of both animals and humans (there was to be no flesh eating). And then God said this was very good. So, the eating of flesh and the killing of humans and animals is against God's creation intent and His heavenly will.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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