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From Ruth Bell - 9 Jan 2005

Your right, what is seen here is truly evil, but I must point out that not all farmers are like this (only the majority).

People are unaware of these facts and usually those that inform the public are wild eyed fanatics. Honestly I think a purely scientifically written report in the proper language for non-academics would accomplish more.

Personally I do not consider eating animal products to be evil. To me it is simply part of the natural world, however what has been done to these animals is inhuman (hmm...considering humans did it we need a new word).

A small farm where the animals are properly cared for is not the horror show I've seen pictured today. Simply looking from a practical view point it's not necessary or economical. People will always eat meat I believe, it is simply to much apart of our nature, so the most logical step I can see is to force a change in the industry. Currently it is run like a production plant for cars, not a farm. Good luck an your work, however, it might help change this horror.

P.S. I'm a vegetarian for health reasons but your website certainly helps me from wanting a burger any time soon.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Ruth:

Thanks for writing.

You make an interesting analogy. Actually Ford fashioned his assembly line after what he saw at the Chicago stock yards and slaughterhouses, and Hitler fashioned his extermination camps after both of them.

The problem we face with farmed animals, is that 95% of all meat is produced on factory farms, with all their horrors. We have also visited many small family farms, and unfortunately, we haven't found any that we'd consider to be compassionate.

When God granted the concession to eat flesh, He also took away the sin aspect; however, He never took away the requirement to be compassionate. Having said this, when people deliberately cause pain and suffering to the animals, as they do on factory farms, and when people support this cruelty with their money, it becomes evil.

We wish there was a better solution, but we haven't found one. The photos are a kind of "shock therapy" to bring people to the reality of these horrors, as you seem to acknowledge in your PS.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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