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From David Shine - 16 Jan 2005

While I agree on the whole with your argument I do disagree with your statements concerning the dogs, cats etc.

In the dog section you say 'don't be angry with these Korean butchers because American farmers treat their 'stock' the same way!

Why is it ok for Koreans to treat animals in this way but not Americans (or westerners on the whole) to?

I know what your getting at, by saying this you are saying that cows, sheep, chickens etc are treated the same way.

This is wrong, by law animals in the US and the UK have to be slaughtered humanely with the least pain and suffering possible. I do agree that a lot of farmers and abbatoir workers are not sticking to these guideline in the west but this is breaking the law. In the UK the RSCA oversees the treatment of farm animals from all aspects including farming right thru to the actual slaughter and take action if anyone does not stick to these tight laws. Unfortunately some people will always break these laws and these are the people that we need to take action against, but I know that the treatment is no way near as bad in the west (the UK mainly) as it is in the far east i.e. we don't make animals suffer so that their adrenalin pumps and makes them 'tastier', we don't bind them as seen in the dogs gallery and we don't cut, skin, burn etc any animal while its alive or conciouse (legally at least)

In the Korean market animals are tortured horrendously while people including children walk around amidst all this and have even been known to help out in the slaying or preparation of animals!

We need to ensure that animals are treated humanely on the whole but at the same time humans are hunter gatherers and eat meat just as lions, tigers, sharks etc do, its nature, but we must make sure that none or minimal pain and suffering comes to these animals where ever they are.

The far east is the worse for these acts, I haven't seen so much blatant and purposeful pain and suffering and evil acts towards animals as what comes out of the far east and this is done while the governments just stand by and let them get on with it, at least western governments lay down strict laws (not always adhered to unfortunately) and do punish offenders when they are caught.

But on the whole I do agree with your work and hope that one day the suffering will stop.

Keep up the good work.


David Shine

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear David:

Thank you for writing.

Our comments concerning our recommendations not to direct our anger to a specific nationality about their cruelty to animals is that all cruelty to animals is wrong, and we must address the issue universally.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as humane slaughter (animals suffer greatly), and most of the laws are never enforced. Furthermore, farmed animals live in misery most of their lives, particularly on factory farms, where about 95% of all animal products come from.

The only sure way to end to end these atrocities is to not eat or wear animal products.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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