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From Georgie - 21 Mar 2005

I think Animal Cruelty is really is. The animal that is suffering has done nothing wrong, and yet humans still take advantage, just because they have power over the trusting creature.

I think it should all just go away, all of the cruelty in the world. God made the creatures to be happy in the world, to please us humans, and yet we trap them, kill them, eat them and skin them.

It is not fair for the creatures that are suffering, so every cruel person in the world should be ashamed of themselves. I think, instead of the kind, loving, trusting animals to be vivisected and tested on, people who have murdered others, and been put in jail/prison should have experiments done on them. After all, they've done something wrong and the animals haven't. And the medicines and chemicals the heartless people use may have a different effect on animals, but if they use the bad humans in the world, we could get the correct cure easily. We would also have less bad people in the world, as they would fear being tested on. It is only a suggestion, so you can use it sometime, as it may come quite useful.

God made the world for everyone, including the animals, happy. So why should we wreck their joy and peace? Because some people HAVE NO HEARTS. That's why.

We all share feelings, we all have nerves to feel pain, so why shouldn't it swap around a bit? I mean, imagine being all happy in the wild. You're really happy just walking along without a care in the world, when your leg gets trapped in a Leg-Clamp trap. Imagine the pain, imagine the suffering. Why are we humans so heartless?

I will stick up for all animals 'til the rest of my years pass, and throughout my whole life, I want to make a difference. A difference on how animals are treated. Cruelty must stop, and so must all the suffering and the pain. I will change something, and I'll change something now by these truthful words I speak.


From Georgie, Aged 9 years old

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Georgie:

Thank you very much for your very compassionate and innovative message.

You make a lot of sense; a lot more than most adults.

The future of this world rests in the hearts and souls of young people like you.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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