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From Opie - 21 Mar 2005

Hey, the cruelty of the dogs are going on while you're showing us these pictures. Why don't you guys just go out to Asia and stop all the cruelty? Instead of just taking shots of what is happening, do something about it. If you guys DID do something about this, it seems to not work. Sure, I'm Laotian and no I do not eat dogs or cats for that matter. I just eat what my mom and dad has raised me to eat, beef, chicken, and somewhat of pork. Those are natural to me. They surely keep me healthy besides vegetables. I'm not hating or anything, but this has to stop and you guys should bring this to the media or something. The internet is just one step of helping to stop the cruelty...but still, I'm not going to stop eating meat just cause of this. I'm not going to convert myself to be vegan. Also, I was reading one of your captions and it said how evil a person would be if you saw these pictures and continued to eat meat. Don't we all sin in a way. Now, also on the topic about dog fighting. That will never stop, everywhere...there are going to be dogs being trained to fight or trained to kill. Now that you've heard what I had to say about this, respond back.

- Opie

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Opie:

Thank you for writing.

For a person to knowingly and willfully inflict pain and suffering upon another living being is evil. And yes, we do all sin, but we are also told to go forth and sin no more. This means that we are to seek to be better today than we were yesterday. When we know that someone else is doing something that is sinful and causing others to suffer, and we continue to support them with our silence and money, we become a part of their evil ways.

You seem to be very intelligent. Don't you understand this is part of our message to help end the violence in this world?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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