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From Annie Hiller - 21 May 2005

To the '' manager (or whoever E-mails come to),

I was looking at the animal abuse pictures and I read what you said about ceasing to eat meat in any shape or form. I disagree with that on some aspects. Before you cite me for animal cruelty or something, please hear me out.

Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe that what has been done to these animals is morally and immorally wrong. I believe these animals have been transformed into something unrecognizable. They become...unnatural creatures. They are no longer animals. And by us mutilating them, we become, in a sense, unrecognizable creatures. We are no longer human. Something worse.

I also believe that animals were not only put on this earth to just 'be there.' I don't agree with going cold turkey (no pun intended) on eating meat. I read somewhere in the Bible (Lutheran) that animals actually were put on this earth to be [part of] our food.

Even so, that should NOT give us the corrupted idea that we can treat them like we do. Well, the few of us who treat animals in this fashion. (I say 'we' because humans are a singular species. There really is no division as of a species into the 'good' humans and the 'bad' ones.).

If animals were....I cant think of a less harsh way to say this....killed in a more humane fashion (I don't know if this is possible, but a non-chemical [biodegradable] lethal injection), and giving them a good, love-filled life beforehand, I think that including animals in our diet would be more acceptable. Would you agree?

This is just one girl's opinion. I may only be 14, but I know where my heart and mind is. Thank you for listening.

Annie Hiller

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Annie:

Thank you for your letter and comments.

God's original and heavenly intent was that the world would be vegetarian, but he did give us the concession to eat meat after the Flood, but never with the cruelty practiced today. If animals were raised and killed in the manner you suggest, then it probably would be acceptable under the concession. However, this is not the case with any commercially sold animal product that we are aware of.

The only way we know of to stop the abuse and suffering is to turn off the money that supports these industries, and the best way is to go vegan.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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