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From Janet Davidson - 5 Jun 2005


Almost every time I promote veganism I get the same response: "God provided for mankind and we are to have dominion over the earth and all that is in it. We are to consume as God has provided."

My response is "I had "dominion" over my children when they were in my care growing up, and I treated them with care and love". I have "dominion" over my dogs and cat and treat them with love.

Sadly I have not been able to convince anyone to go vegan. They just don't want to hear or see about the cruelties. They justify eating animals and wearing their skins and fur saying, "Humans have dominion over the animals. "Of course this is frustrating.

Please comment.


Janet Davidson

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Janet:

Thank you for your comments, frustrating as they are. Most of what you describe is what the Bible refers to as hardness of heart, or a person who has not permitted the Holy Spirit to soften their heart to feel unlimited love and compassion for the whole of creation.

These people are self-engrossed in themselves and their own pleasures and don't care that the way they live causes others to suffer. So, in order to justify their lifestyle, they deliberately distort the Biblical message. Jesus advised us that when we encounter such people, we are not to waste our time on them, but we are to shake their dust off our feet and move on to others who are willing to listen.

You know that the compassionate way you live is the way God want you to live. Therefore, even if people don't want to listen to your words, your life can still be a witness before them, and unfortunately a testimony against them.

We often question whether such people are truly Christians.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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