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From Justin Greenly - 7 Jun 2005

Hello Again,

I appreciate your respectful and well thought out points. I still have some in point: The use of horses in farming (whether or not you approve of that) usually has the following problems...Groundhogs dig holes and the horses break their legs in those holes.

Is there a more "humane" way to take care of this problem?

Also, what about the natural order of things in which animals eat other animals (that certainly isn't humane, and I think we would both agree that is the way God intended it).



Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Justin:

Animal have the ability to avoid dangers such as holes, particularly when they are left on their own. If they are herded or driven they may no see the danger until it's too late. The greatest danger is human interference in their lives.

If we truly want to help and care for animals, we can, but only when we provide such help in the context of the animals' natural way of living.

Concerning animals killing other animals: Some animals may need to kill to eat, but Humans do not.  Furthermore, our dog Heidi was a vegan for most of her life, and she lived to be much older than most dogs her size.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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